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If you are running a medical practice, with expensive overhead and staff, you will realize that time really is money. As such, you might get increasingly uncomfortable when a patient becomes a no-show after they have booked an appointment or maybe they have a habit of always missing the time for their appointment. This can disrupt your practice but the reality is that some patients just simply have a lot to handle and have forgotten their appointment during their busy schedules.

There is a much simpler way to handle it rather than to just get frustrated with how much you might have lost from a cancellation. 1800 Notify offers an easy way to manage appointments with an appointment reminder, designed to make life much simpler for you and your clients. Our appointment reminder system is perfect for dentists, doctors, physicians, physical therapists, and hospitals.

1-800 Notify provides HIPAA compliant patient communications to your practice. We help guide you in scripting HIPAA compliant messages, maintain HIPAA compliant servers and processes. We employ required compliance protections to maintain privacy of PHI (Personal Health Information) for your patients.

As a professional, one of the things you have to understand is that you might also be dealing with very busy professionals. Reaching out to patients with an appointment reminder call or text message will make them feel important and more inclined to keep their appointments. In a world that has become so technologically advanced, 1800 Notify is able to capitalize on all these resources that will help to set up an appointment reminder system so that your practice can become more profitable. Patients are more likely to honor the commitment that they have made to your practice when they are given an automated appointment reminder. Automated appointment reminder calls place your practice in a positive light, as patients will understand that you are a true professional who values their time, and business.

Many practices utilize our automated reminders so that a patient is never forgotten and appointments are remembered. It is an easy-to-use system that allows you to easily upload or automatically share your schedules thereby allowing us to either send your patients an SMS, give them a call, or send them an email. We offer you all avenues of communication with your patients. With our easy system, there is no software required. You simply schedule the calls, texts, or email appointment reminders by inputting the information and allowing us to do the rest.

Practices can attest to how much they are saving, and making, with less cancellations and missed appointments when they use our services, but one of the best benefits doctors and patient care facilities can vouch for by using our patient reminder is the greater level of success and healthcare for patients.

With patient reminders you will never have to worry about a patient missing an important appointment. Our reminder system not only saves time, but also can help improve your patient’s health care. With so many gadgets available for communicating today, the task of keeping up with patients is made much easier. Most people are attached to their electronic devices. Where a phone call might have failed when trying to contact a patient, you can easily utilize the text appointment reminders. With so many options to keep in touch, you can literally watch your practice grow.

If you need to find out more about how your practice can benefit from our range of services, feel free to contact 1-800 Notify. We will be more than happy to assist you.

An Appointment Reminder That Truly Saves Time and Money

Thousands of dollars are lost every year by clinics when a patient misses an appointment. Every time a patient appointment is not kept, medical staff are left with unscheduled time in their day that can be filled with other work, but doesn t produce the type of gain expected.

Patients who don t call and cancel appointments leave gaps of time available as well as unused services open and unpaid. For many of these patient no-shows, the reason they didn t make their appointment time is because they simply forgot or there was a miscommunication.

How medical practices deal with patient no-shows varies. Some charge a fee, while others do not. Whatever is done, it needs to be clear to the patient. Information is key in maintaining positive relationships and a healthy practice.

This is why the vast majority of medical offices rely on appointment reminders to contact a patient before an appointment time.

The Worst and Best Appointment Reminder

Research has found the best solution to missed patient appointments is an appointment reminder. There are many different types of appointment reminders and some are better than others.

Many medical companies assign a member of their staff to call patients a day or two before their scheduled appointment. Although this reminder system is better than none, it also has multiple drawbacks. Most of these are related to human error.

Staff members trying to follow up with a patient may misdial numbers, leave a wrong message, be misunderstood, or just get busy and not complete the job. People are not perfect machines but an automated reminder service is and can work effectively within most medical offices.

What our Clients are Saying

The Patient Reminder System that Works

Medical practices, dental offices, hospitals and physical therapy clinics searching for a reliable appointment reminder need 1-800 Notify. This reminder software works seamlessly with most scheduling systems and provides free training which is simple and easy to understand.

The appointment reminder system allows offices to use an automated call reminder, text reminders, and an email reminder service.

With an automated appointment reminder service, offices report improvements in:

  • Patient No-Shows: Many patients just need a simple reminder that an appointment is coming up. With tiered scheduled reminders, patients may be set to receive several appointment reminders over time so they can properly plan their time.
  • Better Patient Experience: Patients like to know they are being well taken care of and medical staff personnel are given the opportunity to focus more on patient care when they don t have to spend time chasing down patients for their appointments.

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Other Benefits

Besides reminding patients about their upcoming appointments, 1-800 Notify also offers a billing reminder service that will alert patients of an outstanding medical bill. Not only does this save on the costs related to paper statements but it increases the probability that a payment will be received.

Try it for Free

A great benefit with 1-800 Notify is that it offers companies a free trial to let them try it out without making a commitment. Even after that, 1-800 Notify can be contracted on a month-to- month basis so you are never locked into a long-term commitment.

The setup is free as is training, which is simple and easy. 1-800 Notify offers its clients the option for English or Spanish reminders and will provide free live transfers.

Visit them online today and start your free trial or call 1-800- 939-1853 for more information.

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